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I was born on the 15th August 1990 in Edinburgh. On my 4th Birthday my family moved down to England and it was here I made my first contact with chess.

Attending Putney Park primary school my classmates would play in the morning. Intrigued and with the help of my best friend I quickly learned how to play the game at the age of 7.

It was not until my family returned to Edinburgh that I started to take a greater interest in chess. My dad wisely signed me up to an online chess site called Kasparovchess.com.

I quickly became addicted to playing on this website and out of pure luck I won the chance to play the then World Champion: Vladimir Kramnik. Part of playing Kramnik involved a chess reporter called John Henderson interviewing me and writing a quick piece. He told my parents about Edinburgh chess club and I soon joined. It was here I learnt about the chess world and made my first serious steps

I started playing in tournaments regularly at the age of 12 and in my first year I won the primary School championships and the Scottish Boys Under 18 Champion. With such success I was invited to play for Scotland in the World Youth Championships.